Made in Scotland: An Anthology of New Scottish Plays

Made in Scotland: An Anthology of New Scottish plays

Co-edited by Mark Fisher

An anthology of new Scottish plays selected by Ian Brown (former director of the Traverse theatre) and Mark Fisher (Editor of Theatre Scotland)

  • The Cut, by Mike Cullen is “A real discovery, an explosive thriller…Cullen’s dialogue is demotic, foul-mouthed and occasionally bitterly funny, and the sense of violence and claustrophobia is often almost unbearably intense”;
  • The Life of Stuff – “This brutally funny piece is almost unclassifiable. Imagine a collaboration between Joe Orton and William Burroughs and you will have some idea of Simon Donald’s play: a ruthlessly and compulsively hilarious dark comedy thriller”;
  • Bondagers, by Sue Glover “A striking experience…the mastery of the play was its rich, resonant musicality…All brilliantly structured, surging – with terrific dramatic energy”;
  • Julie Allardyce, by Duncan McLean “It is loud, coarse-tongued and funny, a series of affectionate, but telling snapshots which add up to a revealing portrait of the North-East as it is now” (Julie Morrice, Scotland on Sunday)

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