How to Write About Theatre

How to Write About Theatre

By Mark Fisher

“Whatever else you read this autumn, Mark Fisher’s new book How to Write About Theatre has to be top of the list” Susan Elkin, the Stage

How should you react to Jude Law’s trousers or David Tennant’s hair?

What do you do if you find yourself weeping in the stalls?

Are you prepared to receive toilet paper in the post?

What if the show you just damned turns out to be a classic?

If you gave it a five-star rave will anyone believe you?

Drawing on his long years of experience as a national newspaper critic, Mark Fisher answers such questions with candour, wit and insight in How to Write About Theatre, published by Methuen Drama.

Learning lessons from history’s leading critics and taking examples from around the world, he gives practical advice about how to celebrate, analyse and discuss this most ephemeral of art forms – and how to make your writing
come alive as you do so.

Today, more people than ever are writing about theatre, but whether you’re blogging, tweeting or writing an academic essay, your challenges as a critic remain the same: how to capture a performance in words, how to express your opinions and how to keep the reader entertained. This inspirational book shows you the way to do it.

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